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Document Management Software

Across the globe, billions of paper documents are produced by individuals, small offices and large organizations every day. Many of these documents are read once, filed away and forgotten about. As the months and years go by, a huge amount of costly office space gets blocked so that these paper documents can be stored in filing cabinets on-site or on off-site rented locations.

Given the constraints that today’s businesses – especially small businesses – face in terms of time and other resources, a more efficient way of managing documents is the need of the hour. The answer is in having an Electronic Document Management Software for small business.

What is Zeta Doc Stores?

Zeta DocStores is an industry leading state-of-the art Windows-based Document Management Application that helps you store and track electronic documents and /or images of paper document. It helps to quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Keep documents private or share them with other users on your network. It is designed to secure and manage the lifecycle of documents, records, images, email, faxes or any other paper or electronic files you may have.

Why Zeta Doc Stores?

Zeta DocStores offers customers a comprehensive, customizable, secure, easy-to-use and affordable document management system that will make you and your team more productive, and your business more profitable. With Zeta DocStores, there will be no more trips to the file room… no more phone calls to the document storage warehouse… no more fruitless searches of your hard drive for that missing invoice… and no more time spent looking through old emails, faxes and filing drawers.

Here is how you can benefit using Doc Stores:
  • Saves time: No time lost scanning, filing and retrieving documents.
  • Simplification: Single mechanism to manage both electronic and paper documents.
  • Collaboration: Share your documents with others in your organization.
  • Easy access: Access documents from any machine on your LAN.
  • Security: Share documents with others or keep them private.
  • Space-saving: Reclaim the space used to store documents.