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The Job Costing module provides a powerful tool for budgeting, forecasting, collecting and reporting on the expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects or jobs.


  • Set up jobs to reflect the structure of your business.
  • Keep records of budgets and forecasts for each job.
  • Allow long–term jobs to run for more than one year.
  • Assign related jobs to the same contract.

Expense & Revenue

  • Define your own expense and revenue types.
  • Itemwise budget and forecast by expense and revenue type; for example labour, materials, subcontracted work and customer payments.
  • Subdivide each type of expense or revenue for more detailed analysis.
  • Build in a percentage overhead for each type of expense or revenue.
  • Set up multiple pay rates to be used to cost time posted to a job.


  • Keep a full transaction history for selected jobs, including transactions from previous years.
  • Keep summary information for each accounting period.
  • In a finance environment record purchases, sales, timesheets and payroll items for each job.
  • In a distribution environment record purchase order, sales order and stock issue transactions for each job.
  • In a manufacturing environment record operation cost and stock usage cost for each job.

Track Costs

  • Automatically record expenses and revenue for each job.
  • Hold separate figures for each type of expense and revenue associated with a particular job, allowing you to analyse the constituents of every job.
  • Post additional manual items and adjustments.
  • Monitor the relationship between budgeted or forecast figures and the actual expenditure and revenue, to maintain strict financial control over each job.

Standard Reports

  • Transaction Audit Trails.
  • Period Transactions.
  • Job Summary Analysis.
  • Expense/Revenue Analysis.
  • Job Master Files
  • Cumulative Transactions
  • Expense/Revenue Variances
  • Job Variances
  • Jobs Exceeding Time–Scale

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