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Main Features:
  • “Cashier friendly” user interface - as simple as conventional cash register.
  • Minimal training period, no prior computer skills required.
  • Convenient Base Keys designed to minimize keystrokes making faster and more efficient checkouts User-definable Discount features – Item and subtotal level.
  • Maintain separate totals for each cashier or shift allowing individual day end balancing.
  • Put Bills on hold (SAVE) and recall (CALL) back any number of times.
  • Allows Membership cards to be scanned.
  • Customer discounts are automatically calculated.
  • Single key stroke Help function searches item either by product code or name during checkout.
  • Provision to overwrite sale price with open price key.
  • Tender types include : Cash, Credit/Charge cards, Vouchers/Gift certificates, Cheques, partial payment, deposits.
  • Cashier Sign On/Sign Off from the billing screen prevents unauthorized access.
  • Barcode Compatibility dramatically reduces clerical errors and check-out times.
  • Pay out and Receipts from the cash till can be recorded straight away on the cash billing screen.
  • Tax Rates are user-configurable for every item.
  • Create Shifts.
  • Mix and Match.
  • Promotions and Special Sales.
  • Process installment sale directly from Cash Bill screen.
Customer Database Maintenance
  • Maintain complete customer profile including grouping.
  • Mailing labels.
  • Define individual discount per group.
Marketing Sales Analysis
  • Perform multiple promotion for the same period.
  • Track walk-ins.
  • Track promotion/sales success.
  • Design your own messages on bills – define or redefine your own promotion meszetaon the bill headers or footers anytime.
  • Identify top selling products.
  • Tracks sales performance of staff.
Inventory Features
  • Maintain Stock by category, sub category, brand, size, colour etc.
  • Optional auto generation of PLU (Item code).
  • Process unlimited number of items, categories, sub categories, brands, sizes or colours.
  • Units of measurement – Zeta POS allows up to three alternate units of measurement with respective alternate unit sale prices.
  • Multiple Sale Prices – maintain up to ten different sale prices for any item.
  • Bundled Quantities – Set up to 10 different sale prices for bundled quantities.
  • View Current Stock in base unit as well as three alternate units.
  • Track stock from supplier – allows tracking of all item purchase.
  • Item Ageing reports display both closing quantity and value.
  • Transfer stock between branches.
  • Maintain Auto-Top options for certain items.
  • Maintains stock value either by FIFO or Weighted Average.
Reporting Features

More than 100 types of reports to help control and manage your business. Some examples:

  • Tax reports.
  • Cash/Credit/Charge card/Vouchers etc statement.
  • Profit statement.
  • Daily Sales X-Report – By cashier, shift, hour, outlet etc.
  • Invoice List.
  • Cancelled bills / Void items.
Inventory reports
  • Item below re-order level.
  • Item above maximum level.
  • Detailed Stock statement.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Item sales/cost list.
  • Item cost history.
  • Item gain.
  • Cost of inventory ….. and many more.
Sales Analysis
  • By customer – spending history.
  • By staff – productivity and sales performance.
  • Media success.
  • Promotion success.
Multi Branch reports - performance report (breakup by store)
  • By Category.
  • By Style.
  • By Brand.
  • By Sub Category.
Multi Branch reports - performance report (summary)
  • By Category.
  • By Brand.
  • By Sub Category.
  • By Category / Sub Cat.
  • By Sub Category / Style.
  • By Category / Brand.
  • By Brand / Category.
  • By Brand / Styles.
top selling (value)
  • By Store / Sub Category (Summary).
  • By Store / Style (Summary).
  • By Store / Sub Category-Style (Detail).
  • By Store / By Style-Color (Detail).
  • By Store / Sub Category (Summary).
  • By Store / Brand (Summary).
  • By Store / Style (Summary).
  • By Store / Category-Style (Detail).
  • By Store / Style-Color (Detail).
cost of inventory
  • By Store / Sub Category (Summary).
  • By Store / Brand (Summary).
  • By Store / Style (Summary).
  • By Store / Category-Style (Detail).
  • By Store / By Style-Color (Detail).
sales curve
  • By Store / By Style-Color (Detail).
  • By Store / By Style (Detail).
sales analysis (12 month)
  • By Store / By Sub Category.
  • By Store / By Sub Category-By Style.
  • By Store / By Sub Category-By Style-By Color.
  • By Store / By Style-By Color.
Inactive list
  • By Store / By Style-By Item.
  • Re-index option builds index files automatically.
  • Re-posting option allows re-posting of stock receipts and profit in case of power failure or system malfunctions.
  • Barcode Label Printing allows in-house printing of barcode labels for items and customer codes.
  • Interface with Portable Data Terminal (PDT) for Stock Take, Receipts, Issues, IBTs.
  • Download sales and stock data to HQ or vice versa.
  • Provision to back-up data.
  • Create and maintain user rights.
  • Initialize data for year end closing.

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