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Bank accounts
  • Hold details of multiple bank accounts.
  • Record the opening balance for the current year.
  • Record the balance from the most recent transaction.
  • Store the current balance as per your Cash Management records.
  • Store total value of transactions for each period in the current and previous years.
Recording Transactions
  • Enter a payment or receipt directly into Cash Management.
  • Print cheques and remittance advices for payments entered directly into the Cash Management module.
  • Create a Cash Management transaction either for each receipt or for each batch of receipts.
  • Record payments and receipts for the current period or the next period.
  • Transfer money between bank accounts in any currency.
  • Record credit card details or cheque number for each receipt.
Standing orders
  • Print a list of standing orders due.
  • Automatically post standing orders due.
Bank reconciliation
  • Reconcile bank statements with Cash Management transactions in these ways:
  • Match the transactions interactively.
  • Record items that appear on statements only for instance bank charges and interest payments.
  • Produce a full bank reconciliation report showing adjustments for unpresented cheques and uncleared deposits.
Period end
  • Period end routines ensure that the full suite of audit trails is printed before closing the period.
  • Obtain instant information about transactions in the current or future periods including transactions posted from other modules.
  • View all items or unreconciled items only for each bank account.
  • On screen views can be printed at any time.
Standard reports
  • Audit Trails of all transactions posted.
  • Daily Cash Receipt reports.