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Zeta POS can be integrated with inventory, purchase orders, sales order and back end accounting. It can also be integrated with CRM, HRMS and Document Management modules. Designed for the needs of independent retailers, the POS system helps you to run your business rather than just report on it. Much more than just a POS software, Zeta POS is a complete integrated business management system that will help you to control your business from front counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office accounting, and everything in between. Zeta POS can manage your business from end to end by updating sales information in inventory and financial modules. It also shares information throughout branches. It allows you to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout process. It is a great solution for both sales and counter. Zeta POS has evolved into a cutting-edge system while simplicity has remained a priority. It will enhance your operation, providing increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory. All of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing your business. Zeta POS interface is easy to navigate, and is compatible with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners, helping to save time when ringing up sales and preventing cashier errors. The POS system can also apply discounts, promotion and report on sales by the sales person or item, and is an asset in inventory management.


  • Point of Sales
  • Inventory
  • Sale Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Finance

Major Features in Zeta POS

  • Process quotes, orders, invoice, and credit notes.
  • Process customer receipt.
  • Supplier Payments.
  • Line or Total discount.
  • Petty Cash transactions.
  • Cash up at the end of the day.
  • Bar code Compatibility dramatically reduces.
  • Cash Pickups.
  • Print documents to multiple printers.
  • Reprint documents.
  • Scan bar code Items.
  • Can accept deposits.
  • Lay-by’s, Promotion and keep Asides.
  • Updating the back end accounting database.

Major Features in Inventory

  • N number of sub groups.
  • Multi Warehouse.
  • Bin numbers.
  • Lot tracking.
  • Multi Units.
  • Serial tracking.
  • Unlimited custom fields.
  • Segmented Inventory .
  • Bar code tracking.
  • Inventory policy.
  • Inventory valuation reports.
  • Group wise product reports.
  • Product activities reports.
  • Stock Ageing reports.
  • Re-Order Level reports.
  • Inventory movement report.

Major features - Purchase Order Processing

  • Creation or import of Purchase Orders.
  • Multiple or Single Receipt against One Purchase Order.
  • Purchase Invoice can be done in three ways:
  • Purchase order -> Purchase receipt -> purchase invoice
  • Purchase order -> purchase invoice
  • Direct Purchase invoice
  • Transaction can be entered either in base currency or customer currency
  • Create purchase order from sale order
  • Quick access to stock position
  • Preferred supplier selected against each item
  • Able to change price and required quantity

Major features - Sales Order Processing

  • Creation or import of Sales Orders.
  • Multiple or Single delivery against One Sales Order.
  • Invoice can be made in three ways.
  • Sale order -> Sales delivery -> Sales invoice Sales delivery –>Sales invoice Direct Sales invoice.
  • Inventory allocation and dispatch can be done from the sale order transaction screen.

Major Features Finance

  • 3 Level of Grouping.
  • Default GL Codes.
  • Branch Accounting.
  • N number of custom fields.
  • Any number of Control Accounts can be created.
  • Any number of cost centers can be created.
  • Number of GL Codes can be created. Opening balance can be imported.
  • Transactions can be saved and can be post later.
  • Transaction can be posted / saved in customer currency or base currency.
  • All the posted transactions are listed in GL trial list.
  • Deleted transactions are displayed in the GL trial list in red color.
  • Each customer’s credit limit can be speci - fied.
  • Credit limit exceeded customers displayed in red color in the customer master.
  • Advance from customers and settlement can be easily identifiable.
  • Option for Saving by one user and Posting by another.
  • Service invoice can be generated with tax and discount.
  • GL codes can be changed from the trans - action screen.
  • AR invoice can be imported.
  • Standard, group wise and region wise reports are available.
  • Credit limit exceeding report in customer currency
  • Ageing report in base currency and customer currency.
  • AR statement and ledger reports available including and excluding PDC
  • Service invoice report in base currency and customer currency.
  • Bank, cash book and petty cash book can be created.
  • List screen can be customized as per the user requirement.
  • Bank reconciliation is possible.
  • Post dated cheque can be easily managed.
  • Detailed and summary reports are available in bank currency and base currency.

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